Canadian authority confirm drowned Aylan Kurdi’s father lied and never applied for entry

The Muslim Issue

Lie after lie after lie, that’s the reality behind the so called “poor refugee from a war zone” who sent his own wife and small children to their death, even when he had no reason to do so since he never lived in a war zone, had funds to sustain him for over one year and was safely settled in Turkey for THREE years.

The Abdullah Kurdi lies are unfolding when his stories kept constantly changing, depending on who he told his tale to. Abdullah never was on the ship on which he supposedly was the only survivor. It was all lies. Adullah claims he “did not mind” that his wife and children died so his story could be told to the world? What story? The usual migration fraud, initiated by terrorists and funded from Saudi Arabia.

Since Kobani doesn’t have ISIS occupation Abdullah Kurdi had no problems flying there…

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Tight Knit Blog Attack Mob Is Closely Connected with AOL/Time Warner and ABC News/Yahoo News – Are Thy Receiving Direction from Russia?

What is BuzzFeed’s connection?

As previously distributed, just before July 4, 2015, social posts by one of our team members and one of our branded accounts were taken out of context and used to push a narrative putting Patriotism in direct conflict with Gay Rights. Worse, they used a photo of one of our team members to attempt to squelch his free speech and ours. Each mention of our brand or people in each and every article was completely irrelevant to the story and out of context with regards to the topic. This, to us, is a blatant attempt to first create and then manipulate news.

whatyourtoldThree things were important to us as we looked at the evidence. Where did it start, how did it move, and why. Not all of these questions have been answered; however, we are very clear on where it started. When we determined the source…

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